Kündig Perfect – Wide Belt Sander

Kündig remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving interior design sector, always two steps ahead. Beyond its contemporary design, the Kündig sanding machine encompasses a plethora of innovations in sanding technology, surpassing even the loftiest demands for surface quality when combined. The ground-up development of the control unit facilitates an easier and more intuitive sanding experience. All our models seamlessly integrate into any relevant control system, making them fully Industry 4.0 compliant. Naturally, the Perfect is entirely modular and can be tailored with a vast array of sanding units and options.

Key Features

  • High-speed technology for exceptionally fast feed rates.
  • An extensive array of options and customisation possibilities.
  • The most advanced control unit for sanding machines.
  • Capability for belt and workpiece cleaning without the need for compressed air.
  • Automatic pressure control for segmented pads.
  • Electronic grain adjustment and effective stock removal distribution between contact rollers.
  • Pattern/vintage sanding (with cross belt), along with many other features.


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