Kündig Brilliant 3 – Wide Belt Sander

Our constant passline machines, characterized by the sanding group that adjusts to the desired thickness, offer a standard working height ranging from 3 to 200mm. These machines are available in three working widths: 1100mm, 1350mm, and 1600mm.

Three-Belt Machines

Our three-belt machines can be configured with any of the following head setups:

  • Roller and standard sanding pad, perfect for joinery applications.
  • Roller, roller, and electronic sanding pad, suitable for both joinery and veneer tasks.
  • Roller, roller, electronic sanding pad, and lacquer options, designed for solid wood, veneers, and lacquer finishes.
  • Roller, pad, and standard sanding pad, ideal for joinery applications.
  • Roller, electronic pad, and electronic pad, catering to joinery and veneers.
  • Roller, electronic pad, electronic pad, and lacquer options, optimized for solid wood, veneers, and lacquer finishes.

In each configuration, at least one of the sanding heads is set at an oblique angle, typically being the last one in the sequence.


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