Kündig Brilliant 2 – Wide Belt Sander

These machines offer a standard working height range of 3-200mm, available across various working widths including 1100mm, 1350mm, and 1600mm.

The dual belt machines come with a variety of head configurations to suit your needs:

  • Roller with electronic sanding pad and lacquer options, perfect for solid wood, veneers, and lacquer finishes.
  • Roller and standard sanding pad combination ideal for joinery applications.
  • Roller and electronic sanding pad setup suitable for both joinery and veneer tasks.
  • Roller and Combi unit featuring a standard sanding pad, catering to joinery needs.
  • Roller and Combi setup with an electronic pad for joinery and veneers.
  • Roller and Combi arrangement with electronic pad and lacquer options, designed for solid wood, veneers, and lacquer finishes.
  • Combi setup incorporating an electronic sanding pad followed by another electronic sanding pad, versatile for joinery, veneers, and lacquer applications.

In every configuration, at least one of the sanding heads is positioned at an oblique angle, typically being the final head in the sequence.

Popular additional options include extra support tables at both the infeed and outfeed sections, along with an integrated structure brush, providing a wider array of surface finish possibilities.


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