Blade Sharpening

Your tools are important to you. They create wonderful things and deserve to be kept in the best condition. For over thirty years our saw doctors have been re-sharpening, re-tipping, re-cutting, honing and bringing tools back to their optimum performance. We use top of the range CNC machinery from global manufacturers such as ABM, Vollmer and Walter coupled with the highest quality diamond wheels and grinding fluids.

Professional resharpening service

Our re-sharpening list is seemingly never ending. There really isn’t much we cannot do, which is perfect for busy workshops and factories looking for one place to have all their tooling done. We offer a delivery and collection service* because we know how important it is for you to have your tools back quickly and if an item cannot be re-sharpened we are able to supply a replacement.

Here is just the start of some of the items that we can re-sharpen:

Augers, Bandsaws, Biscuit cutters, Chisels & Bits, CNC cutters, Chipper Blades, Drill Bits, Endmills, Friction saws, Groovers, Guillotines, Hand & Tenon Saws, HSS Cold Saw Blades, Lamello Blades, Lip & Spur Drills, Loppers, Mitre/Morso Blades, Mortice Chisel & Bits, Mower Blades, PCD Tooling, Planer Blades, Plate Saws, Punches & Dies, Reamers, Routers, Scissors, Scorers, Secateurs, Segmented Saw Blades, Shear Blades, Slot Drills, Spiral Cutters, Spindle Tooling, TCT Blades, Wide Bandsaw (Resaw) Blades, Woodmeizer Blades, Wood Processing Blades…..

If you have an item that is not listed, please contact us.

Go green with Saw Tec and improve your carbon footprint!

Reduce the amount of replacement tools you need by having them re-sharpened. Because our skilled saw doctors remove the absolute minimum you can reuse your tools time and time again. If a tool is at the end of its life, we locally recycle the material.

Any tools at the end of their life are locally recycled and we donate the scrap value of the recycled materials to charity.

A well looked after blade can be re-sharpened up to 20 times.

In December 2023 we became the first company in the UK to purchase an ABM Prestige 6 Axes HSS Circular saw grinder with a loading system for automatic loading.

Should you require our services, please use the contact form below and tell us about your enquiry.