Everising H 1100 V/T Bandsaw


Semi-automatic twin column 90° cutting bandsaw


  • V version with shuttle vice 500mm stroke
  • T version with shuttle table 500mm stroke
  • Hydraulically controlled dual-vise full stroke clamping system
  • Roller bearing and hydraulically clamped carbide blade guide system
  • Auxiliary lifting cylinder.
  • Variable blade speed controlled by inverter (15~75 m/min)
  • Saw frame height selector gauge with return height selector
  • Power driven wire brush
  • Hydraulic blade tension
  • Powered movable guide arm with hydraulic lock
  • Plc control for all electric and hydraulic functions
  • Idler wheel motion detector with blade stalling and breakage shut-off
  • Automatic chip conveyor
  • Additional portable control box
  • Projection light for quick material aligning
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