Kundig Uniq Edge Sander

Kundig Uniq

The Kundig Uniq is the ultimate in edge sanding. A heavy cast iron working table is provided on one side for solid wood sanding, along with a similar one on the other side for veneer sanding.

The height adjustment and the tilting of the abrasive belt are motorised and no adjustment of the working tables is required. Ingenious and therefore patented worldwide.

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Kundig Uniq S

The Kundig Uniq S equally as versatile as the standard Uniq. This model makes the sanding of smaller or larger quantities a remarkably easy task thanks to the integrated feed belt system.

The workpiece is fed by the lower feed belt and is securely held by the upper pressure rollers.

Thanks to the extended infeed guide fence, long workpieces can also be sanded with absolute precision.

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Kundig Uniq-S Edge Sander
Kundig Flash Edge Sander

Kundig Flash

The Kundig Flash, designed for lacquer sanding of high gloss workpieces. This sander is equipped with a pneumatically actuated sanding pad, infinitely variable belt speed, rubberised conveyor belts and air jet belt cleaning.

All the features you’d expect in a wide belt lacquer sander but in the most advanced edge sander on the market. 


Kundig Master

The Kundig Master, for fast, reliable sanding of solids and veneers. 

Kundig’s answer to ‘out of the box’ sanding.

The new Kundig Master 2-belt sander has a generous 1350 mm working width and the same solid construction that has proven its durability and robustness over the years in the other models. The Kundig Master is equipped with a calibration roller and a fine sanding pad featuring Kundig’s advanced segment technology (electronically controlled).

Kundig Master Wide Belt Sander
Kundig Premium Wide Belt Sander

Kundig Premium

The Kundig Premium series of wide belt sanders uses customary, well-proven parallel sanding technology and delivers great results from solid timber sanding up to lacquer sanding applications.

Built bespoke to your exact requirements, define your working width, belt configuration, pad options and so much more. 

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Kundig Brilliant

The Kundig Brilliant offers the same features as the Premium series, but contains at least one unit with our the patented oblique sanding technology. Simply put, Kündig’s exclusive oblique sanding technology does what experienced wood workers do instinctively: Through pivoting of the sanding unit, the sanding grit’s cutting ability and belt life improves and undesirable sanding traces, that are so typical for almost all wide belt sanders, don’t show on the work piece.

Combine this machine with a cross-belt unit for high-gloss lacquer sanding. 

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Kundig Brilliant Wide Belt Sander
Kundig Perfect Wide Belt Sander

Kundig Perfect

The Kundig Perfect built to stay ahead of innovation in interior design, ensuring that when the most complex of sanding tasks is required your machine can keep up.

With a brand new control unit that makes complex sanding even easier and more intuitive. 


Kundig Technic

The Kundig Technic bespoke machines. When you need to calibrate within hundredths of a millimetre, sand abrasive materials or unusual materials such as foam, glass, rubber, carbon fibre or cork. If you require CNC technology for contouring. 

Kundig build custom machines, developed with you to meet any sanding requirement. Image shown of a one-pass top and bottom sander.

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Kundig Technic Wide Belt Sander


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