We are agents for leading manufacturers in the industry supplying top quality TCT blades from Stehle and Swedex, Multicut HSS blades and routers from Titman and Trend as well as spindle tooling from North London Saws and Whitehill. Other tooling such as mortice chisel and bits, slitting saws, band saws, planing knives, resaws, tersa and turnover knives are also available. We can help and advise with the design and supply of bespoke tooling.

Circular Saw Blades

Saw Tec offer a wide choice of Hss blades for all metals. Tungsten carbide sawblades are used in cutting metal,wood and plastics.These can be made to your individual requirements.

We also have an extensive range of slitting saws, side-chipped clearance saws and side and face cutters.

HSS Coating Info

We offer two different coatings Titanium (TIN) and Titanium Carbo Nitride (TICN) both blades are produced in 3% Cobalt as standard with a material hardness of 66 HRC, both coatings increase the surface harness and reduce the friction, pick up and heat induction, this enables the blades to last longer in between sharpening when cutting harder materials where standard M2 (No Cobalt) Steam Oxide coated blade are not suitable, the TIN would be predominantly used for cutting medium to hard materials whereas the TICN would be more beneficial for cutting very hard materials including Stainless Steel, Tempered Steels, Titanium and Aviation Alloys.

Band Saw Blades

We supply our own brand Protec band saw blades as well as Bacho, Dakin-Flathers, Do-All and Wikus Carbon and Wide Bandsaw blades are mainly for the Woodworking Industry although carbon blades are used extensively to cut plastic and fibre products, Bi Metal blades are mainly for Engineering.

Band saw blades are available in Bi-metal (M42 and M2), carbon, knife-edged, stellite-tipped and tungsten-carbide.

Machine Oils, Coolants and Lubricants

We supply a range of industrial oils and coolants for cutting all metals. Wax sticks and specialist grinding fluids for every application as well as hydraulic and gear oils.

Our most popular EP620S coolant has been specifically designed to promote longer blade life for stainless and non ferrous metals during metal cutting.

Our range of coolants,oils and lubricants are designed for sawing or machining aluminium, cast iron, brass, bronze, tungsten carbide and all steels, including stainless steel and other non ferrous metals.

Machine Abrasives

A complete range of abrasives for non ferrous metals,stainless steel and wood products are available, including abrasive belts, backing pads, fibre discs, grinding wheels, pad sander belts and wide belts.


We offer a complete range of tooling for the Woodworking Industry including Circular Sawblades, Bandsaw Blades, Spindle,Tenoning, CNC Tooling and Router cutters for hand held machines as well as CNC Routers.We offer a full range of sharpenable and disposable Hss,Tungsten planer knives and turnover knives.We are agents for the leading Manufacturers of Woodworking Tooling.

Precision tooling is available and cutters can be made from your CAD drawings or timber samples.