What do we look for in a supplier? Why do we use them? Because we put our name to their products they have to be exceptional. Our suppliers must constantly be involved in research and development; have extensive product knowledge; be well established and willing to go the extra mile. To keep you operational, they need to be at the top of the game. Just like us.
We are proud to supply the highest quality tooling available in the UK. With long standing relationships with suppliers and manufacturers such as Bacho, Calibre, Dakin-Flathers, Gerrymet, NLS, Stehle, Swedex, Titman, Trend, Whitehill & Wikus (to name but a few), we will either have what you need in stock or can have new goods shipped directly to your door at a great price.
As your one stop shop for tooling, we can supply bandsaw blades, cold saw blades, TCT blades, planer knives, extraction bags, mortice chisel & bits, tersa knives, turnover knives, spindle tooling and much more.
The best bit? We can re-sharpen everything that isn’t single use so you can use your tooling again and again and again.


TCT Circular Saw Blades

Whether it’s crackers (yes, the kind you have with cheese!) wood, fibreglass, metal, plastic or foam, we can supply a TCT blade to cut it. In addition to standard blades, we can also design bespoke items for specific requirements.

HSS Circular Saw Blades

Our standard HSS blades are made from M2 steel suited for cutting mild steels and have an alternate bevel pitch on the teeth. Coated blades (TIN & TICN) are also available for cutting tougher metals such as stainless steel with a high/low pitch on the teeth. We keep both toothed and blank blades in stock in either 32 or 40mm bore. Metal cutting fluids are also available.

To complete the range for metal cutting, we can also supply friction saws, low rockwell blades, slitting saws & segmental blades.

Band Saw Blades

Saw Tec can supply carbon, bi-metal, TCT tipped & continuous grit carbide bandsaws, any length, any width, any tooth pitch, any quantity but with just one quality. Excellent.

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we have the best blades and availability for wood and metal cutting. Order by 2pm Monday-Friday for next working day delivery on all standard bandsaw blades.

Machine Oils, Coolants and Lubricants

We supply a range of industrial oils and coolants for cutting all metals. Wax sticks and specialist grinding fluids are available for every application as well as hydraulic and gear oils. Our most popular EP620S coolant has been specifically designed to promote longer blade life for stainless and non-ferrous metals during metal cutting.

Available in 1, 5, 25 or 208 litre containers our range of coolants, oils and lubricants are designed for sawing or machining aluminium, cast iron, brass, bronze, tungsten carbide and all steels, including stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals.

As part of our machine preventative maintenance service, we can carry out complete oil changes and clean the sumps.

Machine Abrasives

A complete range of abrasives for non-ferrous metals, stainless steel and wood products are available, including abrasive belts, backing pads, fibre discs, grinding wheels, pad sander belts and wide belts.

CNC Tooling

Top quality solid carbide and PCD tooling design and manufacture is something we are very proud to offer. Our experience and understanding of CNC machinery means we can offer a quick supply of bespoke tooling. Carbide cutters can be coated too for longer life.

Precision tooling is available and cutters can be made from your CAD drawings or timber samples.

Spindle Tooling

HSS & TCT cutters and limiters can be made from timber samples or drawings (by hand or CAD) and as agents for NLS & Whitehill, we can offer top quality spindle tooling. Bespoke designs are made for approval before being manufactured and standard cutters are supplied quickly.

To complete your spindle tooling set up, we can also supply cutter heads, accessories, spare parts & window and door cutter systems.

Should you require our services, please use the contact form below and tell us about your enquiry.