Altendorf WA6 Sliding Table Panel Saw

Altendorf WA6

The Altendorf WA6 is the ideal machine for those with a smaller working space and budget.

This may be the entry level Altendorf table saw but there is no compromising on quality.

Although the smallest machine in the Altendorf range it still comes with a great range of equipment and produces outstanding cut quality and flexibility in everyday use.

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Altendorf F25

The Altendorf F25 offers everything that a sliding table saw must be able to do in a small space, in uncompromising Altendorf quality.

Whether in your first own workshop, for daily use in industrial production or as a powerful second machine – the F25 is the space-saving all-rounder that simply makes you more productive.

The smooth-running double trolley based on the Altendorf system is part of the standard version, as is the digital display of the height and tilt. A machine for beginners and pros alike.

Altendorf F25
Altendorf WA8 Panel Saw

Altendorf WA8

If you’re looking for a machine which is robust, ready for anything and easy to
operate, you’re right on target with the Altendorf WA8.

Whether you’re squaring panels
or cutting complex angles and mitres, the Altendorf WA 8 is the right companion for you.

Manufactured to Altendorf’s rigorous technological standards, the WA 8 entices with its
solid build quality and ergonomic flexibility.


Altendorf WA80

The Altendorf WA80 can take on any cutting challenge.

Making easy work of precise cuts through to complex angles, this sturdy, robust machine is a pleasure to work with each and every day for each and every cut.

Featuring easily operated controls and ergonomic features it is the ideal mid-range machine from Altendorf without compromising on quality.

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Altendorf WA80 Panel Saw
Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

Altendorf F45

The Altendorf F45 now comes with a choice of 3 new control units: the ProDrive, the EvoDrive and the ElmoDrive.

The great thing with the F45 is it can be completely tailor made. From labour saving features to contemporary ergonomic design and use, the F45 really delivers as the best sliding table saw from Germany. The wealth of choice offered delivers real benefits, not least because of their versatility.

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Altendorf hand guard

The Altendorf Hand Guard an added level of protection. A detection system to ensure the saw stops if your hand enters the danger zone.

On activation of the hand guard system the saw blade drops and stops in quarter of a second without damage to the machine or your material. Restart the machine in 10 seconds and continue working safely. 

Altendorf Hand Guard


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